First, Marriott Disrespected China. Now, Delta Has Offended China

China seems to be on a roll this week.  Earlier, China decided to shut down the Marriott website in China for a week.  For good measure, they killed the Marriott mobile app as well.  Why?

Because Marriott sent out a customer survey listing countries like Taiwan and Tibet separately from China.  That pissed off China, saying that Marriott disrespected their sovereignty.

Now, China is demanding an apology from Delta Air Lines for listing Taiwan and Tibet as separate countries.  And, I wouldn’t expect the disrespect parade to end there:

Civil Aviation Administration of China said on its website it would require all foreign airlines operating routes to China to conduct comprehensive investigation of their websites, apps and customer-related information and “strictly comply with China’s laws and regulations to prevent a similar thing from happening”.

The Final Two Pennies

I’m familiar with the way China conducts itself on the global stage.  And yet, it still takes me just a little bit by surprise when they decide to, ahem, exercise their authority on such matters.  It seems that Delta only committed grievances related to two of China’s perceived territories.  Marriott had 4 such transgressions.  Maybe that’s why China didn’t shut down the Delta website?

Gotta wonder which company is next in the crosshairs…..

HT: Jamie Freed/Wandering Aramean

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  1. I think they took more offense of Tibet being listed as a country more than Taiwan or Hong Kong for that matter.
    I can under their point of view on Tibet tho. Imaging if a Chinese company listing Texas or Catalonia as countries. I’m sure US and Spain will take actions.

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