The Last Flight Of 2017

I can’t quite say why it’s a big deal.  But, it always is.

Late last week, I boarded a flight from South Florida back to DC.  Normally, a flight just over 2 hours would be uneventful.  When it’s the last time I have to get on a plane in 2017 (crossing my fingers) it is.  There were plenty of business trips throughout the year.  Las Vegas, Denver, Lubbock, Phoenix, Northeastern Mexico, Lisbon (that one wasn’t horrible), Detroit, Des Moines.  There was a whole lot more.

And, there was Miami.  Plus a relatively easy flight home.

If all goes as planned, I won’t get on another plane until January.  I love to travel.  But, the road beats the love out of me from time to time.

Most “normal” folks don’t think a month straight at home is anything abnormal.  Most jobs don’t require the road time mine does.  Being with family is just better than being on the road.  Being with them for a month straight?  That’s just downright special.

The end of the year really shouldn’t be any sort of marker.  I’ll be back on the road shortly after 2018 kicks off.

But, there’s something comforting about knowing that, if everything goes as planned it’ll be a great month at home.

Help me out?  Cross those fingers…..

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  1. I love to travel also and will be sad when the day arrives I do not need to. But you are correct a couple of weeks of no travel is great. I think about all the little projects at home I would like to take care of and never get to finish. For me when I finally get settled at home I need to catch up on commitments, by the time I am done I am headed for the airport.

    What projects will you take on over the next month ?

  2. Fingers crossed. Friday was 3 weeks off the road, and when I start my last trip of the year this coming Sunday, that will have been a whole month of no airports. Of course, I had to move into a new house and start unpacking boxes during that time, so I’m not sure it was a break.

  3. Hopefully the month goes as you have it planned, with no travel! I just realized that I haven’t gotten on a plane in over a month myself… Oddly, not feeling that itch to get on a plane, but knowing I’ve got flights booked helps.

  4. Whenever I carve out a few weeks at home, I find myself booking travel or wishing I was going somewhere. That first flight after a travel drought has me all excited to get to the airport and board that plane. Luv it.

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