Free JetBlue Flights If You Volunteer For Their Hurricane Relief Effort

Wow, this is just such an awesome effort by JetBlue!

According to Angelina Travels, JetBlue is offering 3 free flights to areas affected by recent hurricanes if you’re willing to be part of their volunteer efforts.

There are currently 3 scheduled flights:

  • Jamaica: November 27-29
  • Houston: November 27-29
  • Bahamas: December 6-8

You can see all the details and enter the drawing for a seat on JetBlue’s website.

Free JetBlue Flights

The Final Two Pennies

I’d love to know the full details of what JetBlue has planned on these trips.  I’m going to reach out and see if I can get some more information.  I don’t think any of the dates work for my schedule.  That’s too bad, as this could be an awesome experience.

I was recently with Angelina on a humanitarian relief flight to Djibouti.  We brought vital medical supplies to children and families affected by the war in Yemen on behalf of UNICEF.  It was truly a special experience.  I’m ready to do something like that again.  I’m thrilled to see JetBlue taking an active role helping out in these devastated areas.

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  1. They T&Cs indicate that winners will receive a 1099 and that the ARV is ~$2k, so this could be far from free. It also looks like JFK is the departure point for all 3 trips.

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