HOLY SMOKES! $172 Round-Trip To Australia!!!

This one appears dead.  Congrats to anyone who managed to snag one!

Um, yeah.  Don’t wait to book this if you’re even thinking about taking it.

$172 round-trip from Dallas to Melbourne.  Now, before you say you don’t live in Dallas (or would rather go to Sydney) stick with me for a few minutes.

There’s plenty of availability and this is in the warmer summer months in Australia.  The Flight Deal has all the details.

These fare are available for plenty of days between now and May of next year, though I’d be shooting for December or January to hit their summer season.

I’ve never been to Melbourne but heard incredible things.  I did spend some time in Sydney recently that was incredible.  Just incredible.

Cheap Flights To Australia

NOTE: Secret Flying is reporting you can match this up to Brisbane or Sydney for $300.  $300 sounds so expensive when you compare it to $172.  😀

But, Ed.  I Don’t Live In Dallas!

Or, you don’t want to go to Melbourne.  Don’t think of this as “Dallas to Melbourne”.  Think of it as the most incredible fare you’ll ever see to get to Australia.  And, figure out how to get to/from Dallas.  There are two airports in Dallas and plenty of low-cost carriers that serve both.  I’d be pretty surprised if most people couldn’t use miles or find a cheap flight to position yourself in Dallas.

On the other side, you’ve got Virgin Australia (who’s the carrier between Dallas and Melbourne) and Qantas to get you around Australia.  Or, you could consider a jaunt to New Zealand.  You might be able to redeem miles for tickets with those carriers as well, as partners with airlines like American Airlines (Qantas).

These Fares Won’t Last

You have 24 hours to cancel any fare that starts or ends in the United States after you book it.  That’s important to remember.  So, you can book something like this and think about it overnight as long as you make sure to cancel within 24 hours.

I would absolutely wait to book hotel rooms or other commitments for a few days.  There’s a reasonable chance Virgin Australia might not honor these tickets.

Stop reading, start booking!

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  1. Hey Ed. First time using ITA. I have been playing around with it for 30 minutes and I can’t get anything to show up. When you have seen $208, and $300 etc…in the departing field…are you just putting it 12/1/17 or 1/1/18 so you are able to look at the whole month? I have also left 3-10 days for length of stay…but then have changed that 25-32 days, 21-28 days, 14-21 days..,and more. I am sure this is user error on my end. if the deal is dead, so be it. But if nothing is showing up because of me…I would love any thoughts. Thanks

    1. JP, welcome to the party. Glad to see you cutting your teeth on ITA! For this one, I think it’s easier to use Google Flights. If you are going to use ITA, try using 3-9 nights as your length of stay and click the “see calendar of lowest fares” radio button. Happy to answer other questions!

      1. Ed, thanks for writing back. Really appreciate it. Even if the deal is dead, I would still love to treat this as a learning lesson for me for the future. To help me understand better, I understand that DWL used snapshots of ITA in their post. Since you didn’t need that, you popped over to Google Flights. Did you choose roundtrip and just put DFW>MEL and MEL>DFW…then click calendar and be able to go back and forth based on prices within each day of the calendar? Or do you still choose multicity and then build out DFW>LAX, then add a city, LAX>MEL, then add a city, MEL>LAX, add a city, LAX> DFW. Then click on calendar and search dates. I know this sounds so elementary…but I have never used google flights or ITA to book a flight. We have 12/15/ 17 to 1/15/18 for vacation & ironically this year was supposed to be Australia…but award space so far is tight. Then this pops up & I thought FATE came calling. Hahaha, Oh well, but I would still love to learn if you can explain what you are doing to get the necessary info you needed. Hope CS is treating you and your family well, and that your holidays ahead are great. Thanks – John

        1. John, I’m happy to answer as many questions as you have. For this one specifically, I used Google Flights. I put in DAL and MEL (or SYD) to search broadly, then started paging through the calendar. For Matrix, I would choose the “see calendar of low fares option” and choose a wide date range (like the 3-9 nights I mentioned earlier. I usually don’t go multi-city because I find this constrains the booking engine a bit much. I want it to “think” broadly and not have me feed city pairs to start. Some times you’ll need to use multi-city, but I like to start as broadly as possible first. Happy to swap screen shots if you want to hit me up via e-mail or on social media.

          1. Super appreciate the help, the offer, and more. I will certainly play around with both and take you up on any little quirks or tips and tricks that our searching is coming back with. As you know, once someone walks you thru once, then it’s just a matter of using it. We have a little more experience with booking award flights that setting it’s or Google for mistake fares. Hahaha.

            We are out your way in CS about every other year. Amy does a program in CS and I try to get out there during that time. Next time I’ll let you know if you want to meet for a drink or so. Amy’s brother also played red rocks this past April which we popped out at the last minute. What a venue and I almost even got to ski A Basin but some folks unfortunately told me the ski conditions just didn’t warrant all the needs and $$ for a day.

            But we did ski memorial day weekend out there in say 2013 which is pretty crazy to think.

            Hope your week is starting great and I would love to keep in touch.

  2. I walked away from the computer. We’re flying just after my busy season to CPH on the $192 R/T fare. The dates to MEL were just too close to the end of the CPH trip. I’m sure something else will come along. Thanks for the tip Ed. Look at the bright side, I don’t have to ask you were to go for donuts in MEL!

  3. Congrats to all those who got in on the deal. Wife and I were there exactly one year ago. Flew to Sydney and then Melbourne, Queenstown (NZ) and Auckland. Sydney and Queenstown were definitely the highlights for us. We both signed up for the Hyatt Visa and used the signup bonus(es) to enjoy four nights at the Park Hyatt Sydney, which is right on the waterfront and a fantastic location to launch your sightseeing from. Check out the Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo and look out for cute Quokkas and Tasmanian Devils!

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