How Cool Would It Be To Be Able To Take A Swim At The Airport?

While some airports do very little to upgrade the amenities they offer to travelers, others are racing to add increasingly awesome features.  Comfortable chairs, clean bathrooms and free Wi-Fi are typical new benefits.  But, what about a pool at the airport?  It’s been done, at Singapore Airport.  There’s a new entrant in airport swimming pools coming soon.

According to Zach from The Points Guy, Punta Cana Airport will be opening the world’s largest airport pool later this year.

The Final Two Pennies

I flew into the Dominican Republic for a wedding 8 or 9 years ago.  I was underwhelmed with it as a destination.  This won’t come as a shock to any regular reader of my blog, but I’m an aviation geek.  That extends to airports.  When this pool opens, I’ll have a great reason to justify a short trip down there.  Thankfully, this is a short flight from DC.  I’ll be interested to see if The Points Guy gets confirmation on whether this will be a Priority Pass lounge.

Anybody up for a trip?

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