Amazon Echo On Sale Today For $99.99

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I logged on to Amazon this morning to write a post about a different price drop (more on that shortly) and found that Amazon Echo is on sale today for $99.99.  It’s not 100% clear to me that this deal is only good for today, but it is listed as a limited time offer.

Amazon Echo Sale

Amazon Echo Sale

In case you’re not familiar, the Amazon Echo is a connected home device that allows you to listen to music and use Alexa, a “Siri-like” service to help you answer questions or perform simple tasks.

Normally $179.99, today’s sale price marks a pretty substantial discount from that.  It’s not the lowest price we’ve seen.  A month ago Amazon offered a 2-pack of Echos for $80 a piece.  And, they sold the Echo for $89.99 on Prime Day.  But, this is definitely a good deal.

The Final Two Pennies

Echo has improved quite a bit since I first bought it, but I still think it has room to grow.  I wouldn’t pay full price for an Amazon Echo.  But, at $100 or less I think it’s a reasonably good deal for a good speaker and useful electronic office/home assistant.

Happy Shopping!

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