Disney World Addicts! How About A 4-Park Scavenger Hunt?

The vast majority of people I meet fall into two categories when it comes to Disney. They either “like” or “love” Disney.  Honestly, what’s not to love?  But, there are two other categories.  There are the “I can’t stand it” crowd.  And, there are “Full-Blown Disney Addicts”.

I’m somewhere in between “love” and “Full-Blown Disney Addict”.  I don’t have any tattoos on my body of Disney characters, at least none that are visible.  But, we do consider a yearly Disney trip a bare minimum.  And, that could be any of the parks worldwide.

Disney World Scavenger Hunt

For those folks in roughly the same category as me, what would you think about a 4-park scavenger hunt?  Well, one of the really good Disney news sources is hosting one.  WDW News Today is someone I’ve followed for quite some time for Disney news.  And, as they come up on their 10th anniversary they’ll be hosting a special event at Disney World.  Part of that involves what sounds like a pretty cool Disney-themed adventure:

The main event on Saturday, September 23rd is our incredible interactive game, “WDWNT: The Order of the Seven”. In this game, groups up to four in size will race around all of Walt Disney World competing for points in what has to be just about the craziest all-day adventure ever devised. The point of the game will be to reconnect the seven themes of EPCOT Center and restore the park’s original vision to stop an evil robotic force.

The Final Two Pennies

Okay, I guess I’ve gone full Disney nerd now.  But, I’m really sorry I can’t make it down for this.  As an aside, WDWNT is a great source of Disney info.  It’s who I was following for all the recent Disney changes I covered hereincluding the awesome announcement that Ratatouille is coming to Disney World in Orlando.  If you’re a Disney fan like me, following on Twitter is a good idea.

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  1. I’m definitely a Disney nerd as well. As some one who also goes at least once a year, this scavenger hunt is a very neat idea. We’ve seen and done just about everything you can do on property so new ways to experience a place we are so familiar with is always fun. We’re going down for Labor Day weekend and am bummed we missed this by only a few weeks.

  2. Huge Disney fan and live 2 hours from Orlando but sadly have a conference on that day and my husband is going to Bok Tower for the Smithsonian Museum Live event!

    If only it was another weekend!

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