Even Lower Prices On Amazon Echo Today Only (Cheaper Than Recent Prime Day Sale)!

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Amazon Echo is on sale today only for a price even lower than the recent Prime Day pricing.  The catch?  You have to be in the market for 2, not 1 Echo.

The price for one Echo is $129.  But, if you buy two and use code ECHO2PACK you’ll receive $100 off two, dropping the price to $159.98 for two.

Lower Prices On Amazon Echo

Echo has improved quite a bit since I first bought it, but I still think it has room to grow.  At any rate, it’s a screaming deal for a good speaker and useful electronic office/home assistant.  If you don’t need two, maybe you can team up with someone and split the purchase.  Amazon sold the Echo for $89 on Prime Day, the lowest I had seen until this 2-pack deal.

The 2-pack discount is valid today only.  Jump on it!

One More Thing

As I was finishing up this post, I saw another opportunity to save money on Amazon pop up.  If you have an American Express card that earns Membership Rewards, check out this post by Jen from Deals We Like for an additional $25 off an Amazon purchase of $50 or more.

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    1. $160 for two brings the price to $80/per and $80 is better than $89. OTOH, the code no longer works so the “better” deal doesn’t exist either.

  1. Where are you seeing the Echo for $129… it’s $180 on Amazon.com. The ECHO2PACK code still works but the cost for 2 is $260… or an average price of $130!?!?!

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