Wow! Customs And Border Protection Admits Mistake, Reinstates Global Entry

Just a few days ago I posted a story of a knowledgable traveler who ran into a Customs and Border Protection official apparently in a bad mood.  It wasn’t a pretty story.  The story ended with him losing his Global Entry privileges.

For frequent travelers, Global Entry is a privilege we don’t want to lose.  It saves us countless amounts of time when coming back into the US, something we do frequently.  The frustration here is the arbitrary action of the CBP officer.  It didn’t appear that Michael did anything wrong.  Expired medication doesn’t appear to be a violation of CBP policy.

It seemed there wasn’t much recourse here.  There’s an appeals process of sorts, but it seemed murky, and with a long response time.

That’s why I was pretty surprised to see such a considerable turn of events in such a short time.  Michael received a phone call from a CBP official.  The official apologized, stating that his Global Entry privileges had been revoked for an invalid reason.  Just like that, his privileges were reinstated.

The Final Two Pennies

The official who contacted him noted that his blog post and related social media traffic alerted them to the error.  They didn’t disclose how they came across his post, or how they connected him with the post.  That’s the part that has me insanely curious.

At any rate, the story has a happy outcome.  CBP made a mistake.  They fixed it.  There’s a happy (if more cautious) traveler today.

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  1. Possibly some minor amount of reverse engineering given they had the departure and arrival locations but either way I’ll take it. Hopefully others will learn from this experience (on both sides!). Thanks for getting the word out!

  2. Shouldn’t have been too difficult to figure it out with first name, date, airport, flight time, and revocation reason. Social media isn’t ALL bad after all, lol…

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