Qatar Being Shut Off By Surrounding Countries. Can Qatar Airways Survive?

I won’t pretend to think I understand the Middle East political climate at a high level.  But, this story came as a bit of a surprise to me.

Qatar appears to be moving quickly to a situation where they are cut off from surrounding countries:

Thus far at least seven airlines are expected to halt all flights to Doha:

  • Emirates
  • Etihad
  • EgyptAir
  • Fly Dubai
  • Air Arabia
  • Saudia
  • Gulf Air

The move to isolate Qatar seems to be as a result of a speech that was rumored to have been delivered by an Emir.  The reports that the story is false don’t seem to matter at the moment.  Countries nearby are moving quickly to condemn Qatar.

Some countries have started revoking the right for planes from Qatar to overfly their country.  Saudi Arabia is a big one, since a good number of Qatar Airways flights generally route over Saudi Arabia.

It’s also expected that Qatar Airways will be blocked from landing in these countries, creating an even bigger mess.

One Mile at a Time has some thoughts on how to deal with this if you have an upcoming Qatar Airways flight.

Definitely a complicated situation.

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  1. I just sent an email to QR, I am Privilege Club Platinum, god knows what happens next, I will keep everyone in the loop. I have deleted PNR and ticket numbers for privacy reasons Here it is:


    Hi there, I cannot even imagine how busy you must be right now, but hopefully this gets through to you. Following on from the diplomatic row going on with Qatar, I am flying tomorrow to CAI. I checked the flight status and was advisd the second leg of my flight ( DOH-CAI ) has been cancelled. I have no idea what I need to do now. I also have a number of flights coming up in the next week that are affected by the current diplomatic row. Could you kindly advise what I should do? I have other flights and many hotels booked around my flights.

    In the next month, here are the details of my flights that are affected.

    1. June 6:
    QR831 BUSINESS / QATAR / JUNE 6 / BKK-DOH / DEP0920 / ARR 1210

    2. June 6:
    QR1301 BUSINESS / QATAR / JUNE 6 / DOH-CAI / DEP 1420 / ARR 1645

    3. June 9:
    QR1302 ECONOMY / QATAR / JUNE 9 / CAI-DOH / DEP 1920 / ARR 2325

    4. June 10:
    QR1002 ECONOMY / QATAR / JUNE 10 / DOH-DXB / DEP 0100 / ARR 0310

    5. June 10:
    QR1021 First / QATAR / JUNE 10 / DXB-DOH / DEP 0630 / ARR 0640

    6. June 10:
    QR39 First / QATAR / JUNE 10 / DOH-CDG / DEP 0730 / ARR 1335

    And that’s it until August when I am in and out of CAI a few more times. I don’t know what to do? I seek your urgent assistance. Many thanks, XXXX. Please note, I have my mobile switched on which is a XXXX sim, XXXXXX, I am located in Bangkok tonight which is 3 hours ahead of Doha.


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