Have You Voted For Your Favorite Airline And Hotel Yet?

I’ve enjoyed being a volunteer for the Freddie Awards the last handful of years.  If you’re not familiar with the Freddie Awards, they’re the only widely recognized awards where individual travelers like you and I have the same voting power.  Think “People’s Choice for Travel”, though I’ve never watched the People’s Choice Awards.  We each get one vote, they’re both weighted the same.  Last year over 3 million people cast a ballot for their favorite airline or hotel chain.

The Freddie Awards are the brainchild of Randy Petersen and have represented the best in loyalty for almost 30 years.  Voting is open for a few more days, until March 31st.

Here’s the link to go vote!

I’m responsible for the technical side of preparing the ballot so people can vote on whatever device they choose.  I’m also part of the team that puts on the award ceremony every year.  As voting is coming to a close, I realized I hadn’t cast my ballot yet.  I just did that, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on that shortly (here’s a sneak peek at some of my choices).

Freddie Awards

For now, though, I hope you’ll take a moment and vote.  Each of us has a different perspective on what’s best, and that’s what makes the Freddie Awards great.  Millions of travelers take a moment to pick their favorites, and the winners are revealed in just less than a month.

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    1. Hey, Rene! 2 reasons:
      1. The Freddie Awards are always for the prior year. This is for 2016 loyalty experiences.
      2. Even if you’re voting based on the 2017 program, the new program is better for me as a business traveler. I know it’s not as good for folks who qualified for Diamond on stays.

      Who did you vote for?

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