American Express Platinum Card Gets An Overhaul

There are a bunch of new changes out today for both the personal and business versions of the American Express Platinum card.  I’ve been an American Express cardmember for over 20 years, though I don’t currently hold a Platinum card.  I do carry both the personal and business versions of the Starwood Preferred American Express card.  And, I’ve had a Platinum, Gold and Green cards over the years.  Today’s changes will definitely give me something to think about.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s discuss the changes.

What To Expect From The New American Express Platinum

The AMEX Platinum card has offered a host of benefits travelers find useful.  Some of those include:

Along with these benefits, American Express is adding:

  • $200 in Uber credit and VIP status with Uber.  The credit is divided up in $15 increments on a monthly basis.
  • 5X points on hotel bookings through American Express Travel.  This one isn’t a good fit for me, since those bookings generally don’t earn elite status.
  • Free Gold cards for additional members.
  • Expanded invitation-only experiences.  Think dining with top chefs, once-in-a-lifetime cultural and sporting events.
  • As I was writing this, View From the Wing pointed out something he (and I) missed, that the Priority Pass membership gets an upgrade as well, allowing guests.

American Express Platinum Card

Is The New Platinum AMEX Worth It?

Great question.  The annual fee takes a bump from $450 to $550.  I really need to take some time to compare this card to other premium offerings.  Ultimately, I think the answer is going to be it depends.

If you use Uber, then it should be pretty easy to stretch an extra $200 in value out of the card, especially if you travel on a regular basis.  Couple that with the $200 annual fee credit and you’re almost at the $550 annual fee.

5X points on airlines is a solid value, though the 5X on hotels won’t be a big value for those who chase hotel elite status.  If you can find value in things like the free Boingo Wi-Fi and Gogo passes, the card can essentially be “free”.

I’ll take some more time in the future to compare this to other premium cards.  In the interim, it appears that those who apply before March 30th will get the $450 annual fee for their first year of membership.  You can find full details of the changes on the AMEX website.

I don’t earn any referral or affiliate credit if you apply for this card.  The changes today are meaningful ones for many folks.

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    1. Kate, an American Express Gold Card for an additional user with no additional fee. Although, I would have thought you could request a second card with no fee? Maybe it’s the unlimited number of cards you can get that’s new.

  1. I have had my Platinum card for 35 years and don’t think I will keeping it after the price is raised. The $200 airline credit is only good for one airline that you have to chose in January, as opposed to the Chase Sapphire which is $300 and good for anything travel related. The $200 Uber credit is 15$ monthly and $20.00 bonus in December -If the total amount of the Uber credit was good any time during the year I might have considered keeping the card, but 15 a month when you only use Uber to and from airport once or twice a year not worth a $100.00 increase in the card.

    1. snowtigr, I can certainly see why the card doesn’t work for you at $550. It’s not going to appeal to everyone. Heck, I haven’t carried one in probably 15 years. I want to run some comparisons of the various premium cards when I get some free time.

  2. Gogo passes? I thought those were only for the Business Plat? Does this “overhaul” apply to business AND consumer cards…?

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