I’m Not Sure If I’m Surprised By The Number Of Countries On My Global Entry Application

I’m in the process of renewing my Global Entry membership right now.  Well, technically I’m renewing my Nexus membership and changing it to Global Entry.  But, that’s a story for another day.

For those that are unaware, Global Entry is something I consider absolutely necessary even if you only plan to travel in the US.  It’s $100 for a 5-year period.  That’s $15 more than TSA PreCheck membership.  TSA PreCheck is a blessing when dealing with crazy security lines.  Global Entry gives you access to those PreCheck lines and comes with the added benefit of super easy clearance back into the US when traveling abroad.  So, even with no international travel planned, you’re taking a $15 insurance policy that something pops up over 5 years.  As someone who’s gotten stuck in a 2-hour line to clear customs, I can assure you Global Entry is worth it.

Well, my first 5 years of Global Entry is coming to a close.  As part of the renewal process, I needed to provide a list of countries I’ve visited over the past 5 years.  If you’re a frequent reader here (thank you, if you are) you know I travel a lot.  Heck, you can take a gander at my 2015 year in travel.  Lots of dots and lines.

That’s why I think I was a little surprised from the actual list of countries I’ve visited:

Global EntryIf you’re part of my AVgeek friend group, you’re laughing at a paltry number like this.  If you’re not a crazy travel nerd like me, you’re thinking “17 countries in 5 years?  Wow (or, you’re nuts)!”

There are a few trips that didn’t make the list because of the way some places are categorized.  For example, Guadelope and Sint Maarten were in my travels as part of my Martinique trip, but don’t come.  I assume because they’re technically part of France.  Hong Kong was on the list, though that falls on the “one country, two systems” sort of thing.

I did hit some of these countries more than once (UK, France, Italy for starters).  But, I also had plenty of near misses.  I scrapped a trip to Brazil at the last-minute.  I had two trips to the Middle East that hit the cutting room floor.  Chile was on the radar for a bit as well as two other trips to Asia.  I canceled a trip to Turkey amidst some violence there.

I’m really glad I made it to Australia, as I bagged a couple of earlier trips.  I had one of my favorite travel experiences there and can’t wait to bring the family back.

Global Entry

And yet, I still feel like I have so many places I want to visit.  I’m incredibly fortunate to have a wife that is understanding enough to deal with my crazy work schedule.  I’m even more lucky that she tolerates the occasional crazy run somewhere in the world.  I find myself enjoying those jaunts less and less when I’m not with her and/or the kids.  I still enjoyed all of the new places I visited and can’t wait to add more to our list.

There’s still so much more of the world to see.  I hope when I look back 5 years from now I’m just as happy with the next list of countries I’ve visited.

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  1. I’m surprised you never made it to your neighbor Canada, a beautiful country that’s under appreciated by US travelers.

    1. HeavenlyJane, I’ve been to Canada a great number of times. Because I’m a Nexus holder, I don’t have to list that country. But, I’ve done Halifax, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Kelowna and Vancouver in the past 5 years, some multiple times. I love it up there.

  2. You know where I work and what I do… yet, I was denied the first time I applied. True story! Had to get their ombudsman involved to clear it up.
    Best $100 I ever spent, oh… don’t forget there is a “pre-check” line for leaving customs, which has saved me at least 30min v the main line.

  3. Ed, can you talk about why you are moving from Nexus to Global Entry? Is this because your credit card reimburses for GE and not Nexus? I’m right in the process of applying, live close to Canada, and trying to decide.

    1. Chris, mostly due to my family. They all have GE and I only travel to Canada occasionally without them. So, having Nexus isn’t as big a benefit. I thought about trying to schedule something while I’m up in Montreal later this year, but we’re supposed to be 90 mins North. In the end, it came down to not seeing a way to get everyone in the family Nexus this time around (again), and not wanting to take a trip just for my interview. I flew to DET and back last time. If you live close to Canada, I think Nexus makes sense.

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