Should Housekeeping Make All The Beds During Your Hotel Stay?

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I’m wondering if sentiment will be against me on this one as well. It wasn’t too long ago that I posted a question about whether hotels should pre-make pull-out sofa beds in guest rooms.

Most folks disagreed with me. I’m still sticking to my guns on that one. At any rate, I’ve got a new opinion question regarding sofa beds.

We recently stayed at a new Residence Inn by Marriott. I was generally okay with the room quality.  Like my recent previous stays that spurred my original question, the sofa bed wasn’t made up when we arrived.

My wife was nice enough to make it up for me while I ran to the store to get an item we forgot to pack. She and the kids took the king bed while I collapsed on the pull-out sofa. Not my first choice, but I’m a light sleeper. This was the lesser of two evils with all 2 bedroom units sold out.

We woke up the next morning and departed for a day of fun visiting family. When we got back that night this is how the sofa bed looked.


My best recollection was that a portion of the comforter may have been on the floor when we left, but it certainly wasn’t on the floor. So, it’s possible housekeeping picked up part of it and put it on the bed. But, obviously no effort to make the bed.

Should They Have Made The Sofa Bed?

That’s my question for today. I’m firmly in the camp that believes the pull-out sofa should be made before a guest checks in. That means I’m definitely in the camp of folks who think that if the customer takes the time to make the bed initially, housekeeping  should be responsible for making it each morning for the duration of our stay.

As an aside, they didn’t really make the bed properly in the bedroom, either. The comforter was mostly pulled up but the sheet wasn’t and the pillows are not rearranged neatly. So, this hotel may actually have a standard to make sofa beds but the housekeeper for our particular room was lazy.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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  1. The advance notice is nice. And that it is happening so quickly isn’t a horrible thing for consumers.

    But it is an impressively fast move relative to prior mergers. That’s the most impressive part of it all to me.

  2. We had a similar experience at the Residence Inn Anchorage in July. They made the regular bed every day but not the sofa bed. On the one day that I happened to be in the room when housekeeping came, the guy made the bed and then lethargically asked if I wanted the sofa bed to be made as well. I said yes, and he made it in a sloppy sort of way … that happened to be our last day there. But at every other Residence Inn we’ve stayed at (too many to count) they’ve always made the sofa bed. Interesting to see they didn’t make the sofa bed for you either … I thought our experience was an aberration.

  3. I’ve never used a sofa bed during a hotel stay, so I have no experience to offer. It seems logical, though, that if you are using the sofa bed, it should be treated the same as the regular bed.

  4. I think it definitely should have been made. They know the room is going to be occupied by several people, so they should be ready. I also agreed with you in the earlier post from several weeks ago. If my husband and I are going to be sleeping in the King bed and our daughter is going to be sleeping in the sofa bed, and they know there’re 3 people in the room, then you bet I have an expectation for that sofa bed to be made. I would have called Housekeeping the first night and told them about it. I would also make clear in that call that our expectation is for the sofa bed to be made every day of our stay. Naturally, I would have been polite, but firm, with my request. If it didn’t happen on the second day after I’d informed housekeeping, I would definitely talk to the Manager. Again, politely. This is just sloppy housekeeping. Naturally, if there’re just 2 people staying in the room, in a King size, then there’s no need to make up the sofa bed. But if it’s 3-4 people, then absolutely yes.

  5. If you stated that there were 4 individuals staying in the room, I’m thinking that they should’ve made the sofa bed. Seems like a no brainer to me. now, if you just said it was 2 people, I could probably see not making the sofa bed up.

  6. Have you tried calling the housekeeping department at this particular hotel? Perhaps the housekeeper is not “Lazy” perhaps they are following the policy set by the management. If you find the housekeeper was following policy, you should let the manager know that you disagree with the policy.

  7. I personally think this is silly & totally American. I wouldn’t have even thought this to be an issue until I had a friend who felt the same way . I’m a very self sufficient & something as minuscule as a sofa bed being made would definitely not bother me . I wouldn’t think twice about it . I personally would prefer it not to be so that I have clean sheets . Who knows ? I hear a lot of stories about housekeepers remaking beds if sheets look clean enough so I’d want fresh clearly recently washed sheets etc. & about housekeepers being lazy I would say maybe that’s more of a management issue because there’s usually 2 housekeepers per 30 or more rooms seems unfair so I generally don’t even bother them to much I just get what I need & I’m grateful. I make my own bed almost everyday I stay at a hotel. I get that some people go to hotels for amenities like these but as a frequent traveler like myself we can all stand to help each other a little I understand it’s their job but I think it’s nice to make it a little easier when they have back braking work & may be underpaid . Just my personal views I wanted to share from a different perspective I hope maybe someone sees this and makes them a little more understanding about this situation.

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