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Some of the links on my blog help me earn free credits and/or compensation for products I support.  I appreciate your support if you choose to use one of my links.  If you’re a frequent reader of these pages you’ll know that most of my posts contain no referral links.  Those that do are only for products I’ve tested myself.

The folks at eBags approached me recently about testing out a handful of items for them and writing reviews on each of the products.  In exchange, the products were mine to keep.  I thought it would be more fun to give the products away (and so did they!), so stay tuned for different ways to win each product and my thoughts on each of them.  Here’s what I’ll be reviewing:



Lifejacket 4000 mAh battery by eBagsWho doesn’t need an external battery for their phone?  I’m going to run this one through some tests to see how much charge you get.

Active Lens by Olloclip: I toyed around with some lenses a year or so ago for my iPhone while I was trying to figure out how to take better pictures.  I’m excited to give this one a try.

Revolar Wearable Safety Device: I actually found this company a couple of years in my “day job” searching for companies to invest in.  Their founder Jackie is a badass CEO and I’m excited to get to test out their product.

PowerCube Interchangeable Power/USB Adapter: This power adapter can handle USB and standard plugs, along with interchangeable heads to allow you to plug in anywhere in the world.

Sound Blaster Free 2.0 Wireless Speaker by Creative LabsPortable speakers are a popular category with lots of entries at various price points.  I’ll be curious to see how this one performs against my Bose.

MFI Lightning Cable 3.3 Ft by Rhino:  This is a braided cord for charging/syncing your iPhone or iPad.  I’ve been testing a similar offering from Anker, my favorite battery maker, so I’ll be comparing the two.

Ultralight Packing Cube (large) by eBags: I’ve never used packing cubes.  This might make me sound stupid, but I’m a little unsure of the best way to use them.  I’ll do some reading and I’m happy to hear feedback from folks who have used them in the past.

Some of these giveaways will be here on the blog, others will be via social media.  Stay tuned for reviews and a few hundred dollars in giveaways!

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