Cheap Fares To Europe, 4,000 Miles On A Car Rental And Discounted Gift Cards

Here’s what I’m reading about in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flights of the Day: 

$400 roundtrip flights to Europe from multiple major US cities.  Those aren’t the lowest fares I’ve seen this year but they’re pretty darn good.

And, fares under $300 to San Francisco from the east coast.

In Case You Missed It: 

Well, yeah.  Those old US Airways planes kinda, sorta do have power ports.

More Hotels Who Don’t Change The Sheets After A Guest Checks Out.  Yuk!

Here’s A Situation Where Booking A Hotel Room At The Airport Saves You A Ton Of Cash On Parking

4,000 miles for a Hertz car rental.  Wow!

I really like the new Verizon Wireless Travel Plans for international travel.  I’m not the only one.  I know you can find cheaper internet when traveling abroad, but I really don’t like dealing with SIM cards.  The $10/day countries can get pricey on longer trips, but everything else is a screaming deal to me.

Should you transfer Hyatt Gold Passport points to American Airlines via their new promo?  I would pass if I were you.

Discounted gift cards, including gas, iTunes, Gilt, Cabela’s, Auto Zone and Children’s Place.

Why, yes.  That is a 150-foot tall pencil. 

Four Seasons introduces a loyalty recognition program.  I think I’m more surprised by the guy who spends 50-70 nights a year at Four Seasons hotel.  That’s some serious cabbage.

Seriously.  People are really still dumb enough to try and sneak guns through airport security?

Would you leave a negative review for either of these hotel stays?

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