Win A United Airlines USA Olympics Business Class Amenity Kit

It’s been pretty awesome to veg out the last few days in Salzburg, but that’s left things pretty quiet around here.  As our trip comes to an end, I’m starting to turn the gears on getting the blog back up to speed.  Were I more organized I would have had some more posts set to go during my vacation, but life with a super busy job plus a wife and two kids isn’t always the most predictable.

While I’m getting things geared up, here’s a quick giveaway of some United Airlines Olympics themed amenity kits.  The kit is meant to look a bit like an airplane fuselage with some Olympic branding on it to celebrate the partnership between United Airlines and the Olympics.  The kit is actually got a decent variety of gear:

  • Eye mask
  • Socks
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste (nice-sized tube)
  • Cowshed brand lip balm and lotion
  • Pen
  • Comb
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues
  • Mints

The socks are, ahem, one size fits all, as our model demonstrated.

United Airlines USA Olympics Business Class Amenity Kit I’m pretty sure I have 2 full kits with all the goodies and another 2 kits that are empty.  Just let me know which one you’re interested in when entering.

United Airlines USA Olympics Business Class Amenity Kit
Leave a comment her between now and 11:59pm on Thursday, August 11th to have a shot to win.  Feel free to enter multiple times, commenting on what Olympic events you’re watching (or why you’re not watching at all).

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  1. How fun – thanks for the opp! Love the Olympics – and travel – got to go to the SLC Games and even adopted a dog from the Sochi Games. He’s been to 14 states already. (full kit)

  2. I’m watching anything I get a chance to, but there’s so much coverage (nearly 188 days of streaming footage!) that I can’t keep up. And I’m pretty disappointed that the majority of online streaming content in the US is only accessible for Xfinity subscribers. I’d love a full kit!

  3. I’m enjoying watching the rarely-televised sports like handball and water polo! A full kit would be great!

  4. We are on a vacation to Disney right now and haven’t had a chance to watch! But gymnastics is my favorite! Would love to win a full kit!

  5. Swimming and beach volleyball are my favorites for now, though I’ll pretty much watch whatever is on (hello archery!). Looking forward to track & field and indoor volleyball!

  6. I’ll take anything 🙂

    Loving the swimming events. So exciting to watch Phelps, Ledecky, Adrian, and some of the lesser-known swimmers come through.

  7. I’d love a full kit. Watching fencing b/c my daughter is a high school fencer! But also love swimming, diving, and volleyball.

  8. Like watching water polo! Those guys have such endurance! I would like either kit please! The special ed teenagers I work with can either use the supplies or use the container for their own personal items. Thanks!

  9. I like to watch beach volleyball, both women’s and mens. Tremendous reflexes and stamina!

    My wife would love those crazy socks!

  10. Oh also watching beach volleyball! (I’m happy with any of the kits…even the empty ones as I’m just intrigued with the metal case….)

  11. Swimming and W Gymnastics team were awesome last night. We’ve also been watching replays of W Vball, as my wife is a former vball player.

  12. almost forgot – my daughter just started tae kwon do (pronounced teh-kwun-doe, not tie-kwon-doe, as many pronounce it), so we’ve been watching that, too. Thanks, NBC, for streaming pretty much everything!

  13. Such an awesome kit! I’m so excited about this year’s Olympics because USA is taking in a lot of the Gold home! USA USA

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