We’re Helping A Few Cancer Survivors. Maybe You!

Many of you know that I’m one of the co-founders of the frequent travel community InsideFlyer, which was born as Milepoint back in 2011.  Since the beginning (and before then), I’ve always enjoyed our charitable efforts to help others.

We’ve done fundraising for a number of different charities, including Susan G. Komen, the Jason Dahl Fund, LIVESTRONG, and plenty of folks on Kiva.

Yesterday, both Randy Petersen and I read the same e-mail from LIVESTRONG about a new program they have with a company called Brave Box.

Helping A Few Cancer Survivors

What’s Brave Box?  Right from their website:

BraveBox™ is a monthly subscription box for women cancer survivors, by a cancer survivor. It’s like the Birchbox for cancer warriors.

That sounded pretty awesome to us, and when Randy proposed that we identify a couple of women cancer survivors to receive a 1-year subscription, I thought it was a great idea!  You can see the thread on InsideFlyer where we need your help to nominate that special cancer survivor that you think could use a little pick-me-up.

I really couldn’t let Randy have all the fun, so I’ll be paying for a 3rd 1-year Brave Box subscription for another woman cancer survivor.

So, be sure to nominate someone you think we can give a little help to.  I appreciate it, and I bet they will too!

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  1. Actually Ed, I’ll be joining you for the fun, I’ll add in a 4th BraveBox: one from InsideFlyer, another from The Freddie Awards, one from you personally and one from me. The message is simple — we’re hear to help w/ research and other support groups for cancer, but we’re also about the people that are the survivors.

  2. As a fellow cancer survivor, I think all cancer survivors are brave regardless of gender, race or any other divisiveness which may be used.

  3. Wow – this is incredibly humbling and inspiring. They simple fact you are sponsoring these boxes for fighters says worlds about who you are and what motivates you. We just found the posts from you and Randy today and it brought some tears to our eyes. When you get a chance please reach out to us, we would love to connect and help support this effort. hello@treatmintbox.com


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