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Disney Fan Visits All 5 Parks. In 75 Hours!

Special thanks to Mike L for bringing this one to my attention.

I consider our family pretty big Disney fans.  We’ve managed to visit 3 of the different Disney Parks (Disney World, Disneyland and Disneyland Paris, for those keeping track).  I know there are more rabid Disney fans than me.  I’ve met some of them.  But, this guy is over the top:

Dude is whack!  He started at Disneyland in California, took a redeye to Orlando to hit Disney World, then flew to Paris.  After that, a flight to Hong Kong and a monorail ride to Tokyo????. After all that, he arrived back in California at Disneyland 75 hours later.

Just think.  When the new Shanghai Disney park opens, he can try to do all 6!

And I thought I was nuts for visiting 3 in one year.

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  1. Did he actually ride anything at each place? Count the mickeys? I’m all for a challenge, but it would need to include some challenge like riding haunted mansion or splash mountain at each park…

  2. Hey there. I’m the guy in the video. Disney’s editing sort of skips over the flight I took from HKG to HND. I took an airport limo from HND to Tokyo Disney Sea. The Monorail ride they refer to in the video is actually the Disney monorail from Tokyo Disney Sea to Tokyo Disneyland. After that park, I took the Keiyo Line train to the Rinkai Line train to the Tokyo Monorail to get back to HND for my flight back to California. And yes, I had time enough to experience at least one attraction in each park. That said, this was a race against the clock and not a vacation. I had already been to all the parks before on separate more leisurely trips for vacations over the years. I would not recommend this if it was your first visit to any of these parks.

    1. Mouse, thanks for weighing in! As a self-avowed Disney fan, I would definitely consider doing this voyage even though I haven’t been to all the parks. Then again, I’ve done some petty crazy things for no more important reason than the airline ticket was cheap!

      Just curious, how did you go about coming up with the idea and getting Disney’s attention to get them to participate?

      1. I didn’t really. Certainly, as a lifelong Disney fan I have friends who are CMs and who know people at Disney corporate. And, I had my pre-trip videos up, so I hoped maybe they would see them. But I wasn’t actively trying to get them involved. I got a call from Disney literally three days before my trip, and that was the first I knew that they were interested and wanted to film me in Anaheim and Florida. They were extremely nice and professional, and it was totally surreal to be they guy they were filming. I think you can see in the video that this was my first time in front of a camera, lol. They were actually hoping to film me at all the parks, but because of the Byzantine corporate inter-workings of foreign park relations, it didn’t work out, so all the footage in the other parks was shot by me on my iPhone.

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