Your Verizon Wireless Phone Will Work In Cuba (HINT: It’s Slow. And Expensive)

Just a quick note since I posted on Cuba this morning.  One of my primary concerns in going now was whether my cell phone would work.  I heard that Verizon was in the process of signing a roaming agreement for Cuba.  I’ve now been handed information confirming that.

Verizon Wireless In Cuba

Calls will only cost you $2.99/minute.  It’ll cost you 50 cents to send a text and 5 cents to receive one.  “Data” is $2.05/mb.  The network on the island is labeled as “2G”, which as far as I know, was never really a thing in the US.  But, it’s akin to the old “1x” that long-time Verizon users may recall.  So, really slow.

You’ve been warned.

But, hey, it appears my cell phone will work!

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