I just returned from a week at CES where there were too many people and a ton of things to see.  I’ll be putting some of what I saw together in a post over the next couple of days, but for now, here’s a look at one of the over-the-top things being offered at CES:

Uber Chopper

Sure, why not have access to a helicopter through the Uber app?  I’m guessing Uber was subsidizing the helicopter rides since the ones I found were $125-ish for a 15-minute ride.  I thought the Uber icons were kinda cute:

Uber Chopper

I’ve never taken a helicopter ride before, so I was tempted, especially given how sore my feet were from walking around the show.

Would you have paid $99 to experience Uber Chopper?



  1. Uber Chopper is actually not new! I myself have seen it available in Dubai (where it is available full-time, and not just as a seasonal thing) and Bangalore, India! Uber seems to contract with chopper providers and simply allow the booking/process the payment through the app.

    Haven’t tried it myself in either place, but I would love to!

    1. Hari, I hadn’t seen that before. Way cool! I figured they were using the established providers and just contracting a lower rate. -Ed Pizza

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