Even Other Airline Employees Know Where The Grumpy Employees Are

This story was relayed to me by friend and blog reader Russell R.  He figured I would appreciate this quick story from his recent checked bag experience at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.  I certainly did appreciate it, and figured some of you would as well (except for the part where he felt the need to check a bag).

He was flying Southwest and showed up outside the terminal to check a bag with a skycap.  The one-sided conversation went something like this:

Skycap (with a big smile):

Good news!  Your flight is on time.

Let me help you with your bags.

Wow!  You guys are the second gate right past security so don’t worry about a long walk.  You guys are having a great day!”

Russell replied, “You are probably the happiest skycap I have seen in a long, long time.”

Skycaps’ reply, which is absolutely priceless, “Well, I could be an ass, but United wasn’t hiring.”


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