Amazon Black Friday Deals Worth Looking Into

Today is the day perfectly normal Americans turn into raving lunatics for deals.  Insane crowds at Walmart and Target (I witnessed this phenomenon myself last year) materialize to get great deals on the latest toys, TVs, clothing and more.

While I plan to tune out much of the noise, I did see a few things that are priced aggressively that you may want to consider.  These are items I own or have experience with and would recommend.  The links below earn me a small commission from Amazon if you purchase an item through one of these links.  I certainly appreciate it and will use any commissions to make our childrens’ Christmas special.

We’ll start with the insanely priced Amazon Fire tablet.  I thought it was pretty cheap at $50.  For Black Friday, they dropped the price to $35!  I just reviewed the Amazon Fire last night, see my first thoughts.

Amazon Black Friday Deals


Amazon Echo reduced from $179 to $149.

My review for Amazon Echo.

Amazon Black Friday Deals

I really do like my Amazon Echo for answering general questions, adding things to my to-do list and other simple tasks.  My kids still haven’t figured out that it will give them the answers to their homework yet, which is a good thing.

And, if you’re looking for something cool to do with Alexa (that’s the name Echo gives itself), how about controlling the temperature in your house?

The Keen Home smart vent is installed in my house and works with Alexa.

Amazon Black Friday Deals

Think about being able to walk into a room and just say, “Alexa, it’s too warm/cold in here.”  That’s what the next generation of smart home products will do (disclosure, I have an investment in Keen Home).  The vent fits into your existing ducts and replaces your “dumb vent” that you have to manually adjust.  Any room you install these in essentially becomes its own heating and cooling zone.  An app lets you control the temperature of that room separately from the rest of the house.  Have one room that’s always too hot or too cold?  Not anymore!

I’m sure there are other deals out there.  I’ll be hunting around and if I see anything travel or technology related that I recommend I’ll pass it on.

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