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I really love writing for my readers.  The blog is exciting, challenging, disappointing, thrilling.  I recently shared virtual high-fives with a reader who’s been getting bonus points on one of her credit cards she wasn’t expecting.  She and I met at a Frequent Traveler University event I was speaking at a couple of years ago.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, I commiserated today with a really good friend of mine who missed her systemwide upgrade clearing on a looooong flight from the West coast to Europe.  Bummer!

But, most of all, I feel like you, the faithful reader (as Stephen King likes to say) rely on my little sliver of the internet to answer questions and report on key information you need to make travel better.  And, I love it!

BUT……I love my family more.  Nothing personal.  🙂

We’re about to embark on a 3-day mad sprint through Disneyland where I want to make sure my kids get to do everything.  And some of those everythings twice.  A better blogger would have a bunch of posts to fill in the gaps, but there’s been way too much going on for me to be that prepared.

That likely means content here will be scarce during the next 72 hours.  In downtimes, I’ll work on things.  But, I don’t expect much of that.  If you’re wondering what we’re up to during that time, check out:

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Me on the Instagram (just started, gotta work harder)

I’ll be posting pics of the family and anecdotes along the way.  I’ll be utterly exhausted when we’re done.  But, my kids will have memories that (I hope) last a lifetime.  I still remember when my parents took me to Disney 30 years later. So, is this a vacation?  Could be.  I look at it as the next sprint through life with my awesome wife and kids.

Cheer me on as I push a stroller through the park at breakneck speeds, Michelle chiding me to slow down.  And know that I’ll be thinking of how to write it all up to help you with your Disney travel in the future.

I leave you with the Mouse…..

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