GIVEAWAY: Gogo 50-Session Free Wi-Fi Pass!!

I’m writing this as I fly home from Portland on an American Airlines flight using Gogo (of course).  And, I’ve got a pretty awesome giveaway for a lucky winner.

It’s a card that entitles you to 50 free sessions of Gogo inflight internet.  From my reading of it, you can use it both on flights in the domestic US and internationally on any plane that Gogo provides service for.

Gogo launched on American Airlines in 2008 and I recall receiving a free pass to try it out shortly after launch.  I was immediately hooked.  As soon as they announced monthly passes, I signed up.  7 years later, I’m still a monthly pass customer.  American Airlines was more aggressive that most airlines (Delta was one notable exception) in outfitting their fleet with Wi-Fi, and it changed how I fly.

Before Gogo, I would work offline on my computer, sorting e-mails and typing replies only to have to wait until I landed and found connectivity to send all those e-mails.  And, I was obviously out of touch with work and home while up in the air, a place I find myself quite a bit.

Now?  It’s a pretty endless list.  I can send and receive e-mails in real-time.  That’s probably the biggest benefit for me personally, not getting inundated with action items when I land after a long flight.  I can also reach out to my family via text and check in.  My wife can send me pics of what the kids are up to, making me feel just a bit closer to home.  More recently, I’ve been able to watch movies on longer flights when I need to tune out.  All good things.

Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Gogo, one of you will get to enjoy Gogo 50 times for free!  That’s a whole lot of bandwidth!  How do you enter?  Easy, just leave a comment here.  You can enter up to 3 times a day, commenting on each of 3 subjects:

  1.  An upcoming trip that you want to use Gogo on.
  2. Trips where Gogo has come in handy for you in the past.
  3. Just the general “great prize, I want to win” sort of thing.

You can enter until 11:59pm Friday, October 2nd.  I reserve the right to exclude your entries if you spam the thread and all decisions made by me are final.

Good luck!  I’ll be reviewing my short time at APEX and some announcements Gogo made that expand their reach over the next few days as well.




  1. want to use it on my way from chicago to fort lauderdale next month. we are traveling around Florida for 2 weeks. Have used GOGO a couple of times before on american – would great to get another opportunity on my next flights

  2. An upcoming trip that you want to use Gogo on. – Going to Chicago for the seminars
    Trips where Gogo has come in handy for you in the past. -useful for when I’m on one of those US Air planes without any entertainment
    Just the general “great prize, I want to win” sort of thing.- definitely useful and would love to have

  3. Gogo has come in handy on a few occasions, most recently on my winter trip to the west coast. It was important at the time to stay connected to email as I was waiting to hear about potential job offers.

  4. Kinda weird that you’d want us to comment on the three items in one comment. If you meant just one item in each of the three entries we are allowed daily, I think you could clarify that. In any case, here goes again 🙂

    An upcoming trip that you want to use Gogo on. – Going to Chicago for the seminars
    Trips where Gogo has come in handy for you in the past. -useful for when I’m on one of those US Air planes without any entertainment
    Just the general “great prize, I want to win” sort of thing.- definitely useful and would love to have

  5. Here is my third and final entry. It would be great to win this prize, and to share some free sessions with my wife since it seems she flies a lot more often these days than I do 🙂

  6. When would I use Gogo? … Well, I’ve been spending a lot of time on AA lately, and will be flying them home for Thanksgiving.

  7. This would come in handy on an upcoming trip where I am meeting some people in MX. It would help me communicate with them during my flight down

  8. This is my third entry for today. Looks like everyone else just answers one question, so I’ll just say I could use the passes.

  9. I used Gogo last February flying to Rio for Carnival.

    My first entry mistakenly was posted twice. You should delete one of them.

  10. gogo might be pricey, but it has come in handy when I need to answer emails or respond to a text message. Sometimes — sometimes — I can even get spotify to work. Yay for gogo getting faster!

  11. 1. An upcoming trip that you want to use Gogo on.

    Flying TPA-DWF-SFO as a return trip for a wedding. Gogo would definitely help the long travel day go by more quickly!

  12. I have a 48 hour double transcontinental trip to maintain my status on Alaska Air. Going over 9,000 miles.

    Free Gogo would be amazing!!!! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  13. 2. Trips where Gogo has come in handy for you in the past.

    I fly SFO-EWR for work pretty regularly. When I’m on a flight where Gogo is available, it definitely helps me stay productive from a work standpoint.

  14. 3. Just the general “great prize, I want to win” sort of thing.

    This seriously would be a great prize, as staying connected online is by far the best way to pass the time on a long flight. I’m hoping one day, airlines will start offering as a benefit for those with elite status.

  15. I don’t think my first post went through.. not trying to Spam.

    I would use this on an upcoming double transcontinental trip that spans over 9,000 miles. Trying to maintain 75k status on Alaska.

  16. Well, funny enough, I’m flying to Portland (on Gogo right now AA1525) on one of the cheap AA fares, doing a 50 minute airport turn. I’d love to have the opportunity to use the the freebies on my upcoming BOS MR and DFW-MSY-SRQ-DFW trips. Gogo really saved my bacon two weeks ago. My husband and I own a home building comapny (I do the accounting and admin stuff), and I was off on a MR and wouldn’t you know, one of the contractors needed a pay stub. Gogo to the rescue. Five minutes of research and a quick email and problem solved! I use Gogo on almost every flight.

  17. Wow! Would be so excited to win this!
    I find myself tempted at Gogo most of the time, but it’s getting to be too expensive
    This pass could be a game-changer!

  18. Gogo came to the rescue when I was flying stand-by and had to change destination cities in order to get home. I was able to pay to connect online, and reach out to a family member who was able to pick me up from the Tucson airport and drive me to Phoenix. I was able to land in Tucson with peace of mind and a ride.

  19. I loved being able to use GoGo on my Delta flight labor-day weekend so I could do my fantasy football draft from 30k ft up!

  20. I hereby emerge from the woodwork to identify myself as a loyal reader always looking for free stuff. 🙂

    An upcoming trip that you want to use Gogo on.

    We’re flying SEA-EWR on AS one week from today, on the first leg of a trip to France.

    Trips where Gogo has come in handy for you in the past.

    We flew EWR-SEA in early August on the final leg of a whirlwind European tour with a granddaughter (took our eldest in summer 2014, take our third-oldest March 2016 – five more to go after that trip!). We were able to e-mail her parents inflight after the pilot’s ETA announcement that we’d be arriving early enough for them to pick us up before a sister’s previously scheduled doctor’s appointment – very useful!

    Just the general “great prize, I want to win” sort of thing.

    It’s a great prize and Mrs. Fredd and I would love to win it, largely to be able to keep in touch with our eight wonderful – and technologically advanced – grandchildren during our travels.

  21. An upcoming trip that you want to use Gogo on — I use GoGo on practically every flight where it’s available. Whether to work or pass the time I find it invaluable these days.

  22. Trips where Gogo has come in handy for you in the past — Last trip DFW-LAX … Reading flyertalk, boarding area, and other blogs when I found the AA Exp Plat challenge information.

  23. I have 5 hours of flying coming up on American and it would be so useful to be able to use internet! I am a very nervous flyer so I need things to keep me busy!!

  24. Would love to try this on my next SFO-NYC flight (guess it’s now EWR for united p.s.).
    I’ve tried Gogo in the past on shorter trips to ORD and IAH with limited success, but I’ve heard it’s gotten better?
    Hope I win! 🙂

  25. GoGo was a huge help when I was on an overnite flight to Europe during the Super Bowl. I could track the game online and knew before taking a nap that my team had won!

  26. My wife and I will be scratching China off our bucket list with a trip we have planned for November. But I am fearing being out of touch for so long and having GoGo access — at least for the domestic legs and especially on the return — would give me a head start in cleaning up weeks’ worth of e-mail messages.

  27. I love using Gogo, especially on my LAX CLT flights. I mostly fly by myself and I don’t always have time to reach out to my friends so I spend a lot of time on the flights catching up with friends through iMessage or LINE.

  28. 1. An upcoming trip that you want to use Gogo on. – I’m going to Shanghai and Thailand in November! Would be great to go on the internet for those 14 hours..
    2.Trips where Gogo has come in handy for you in the past. – I’ve never used it before, trying to save my $$$$
    3.Just the general “great prize, I want to win” sort of thing. – I DO want to win!!

  29. Sure I want to win! Also thanks for your generosity!

    We are heading to EWR from west coast this winter for family reunion!! We definitely need gogo wifi to keep us busy! 🙂

  30. An upcoming trip that you want to use Gogo on. – I’m going from Seattle to Dublin this fall and I could really use GoGo service!

  31. Trips where Gogo has come in handy for you in the past. – I had a 2 hour mid-week flight where I really needed Wifi to get some work done. Gogo in flight wifi saved my bacon on that trip!

  32. I’m actually on DL next week, as I needed to add a business trip onto the end of a personal trip and DL is the only carrier that flies this particular route. Would love to use Gogo on that flight!

  33. I flew DFW-SEA a couple years ago on AA on a bird equipped with Gogo and it was a LIFESAVER. This was a last minute business trip I had to take and I really needed to get work done. At the time, there is no way I would’ve been able to do what I needed in the air while on United, my primary carrier.

  34. I’d love this because I’m just starting a new job that requires a lot of travel but as an independent consultant, I can’t just justify the cost. So I’d use this on a flight from ORD to OKC.

  35. Gogo is awesome for work travel — when I was a practicing lawyer (and I could bill the work done!), I used it to keep working.

  36. Would love to try Gogo on my flight to Houston for a cruise! I could get everything done before I go without my internet for a week! eek!

  37. Great prize, thanks for offering it, Ed. My wife wants me to win so she can use the pass but couldn’t be bothered to enter the giveaway herself.

  38. My girlfriend dropped off the rental car because she had a later flight to a different destination. Data was spotty and her maps app wasn’t working so it took her a while to drop the car off, causing her to miss her flight. I used gogo to keep in touch with her and book her a flight using my points.

  39. This would be great for the LAX-MSP-ANC RT mileage run I have scheduled to re-qualify for Delta GM by the end of the year! Productivity can justify a mileage run, no? 😉

  40. Really awesome prize. We take technology for granted and naturally assume that WiFi will be available to us every moment of the day, including hurtling through the air miles above the earth. There’s nothing like people having meltdowns on BA flights when they realize that they need to disconnect for a few hours!

  41. This would be great for my upcoming trip with my 3 yr old! Flying Delta to CVG for his Grandpa’s 60th birthday . Only time I ever used Gogo was when it first started on the Delta flights, I got a card for 1 free session to try it out. I can’t remember what year that was though. My husband uses it all the time because he travels for business.

  42. I would love to use these to get some work done during my internship travel next semester, as well as for my first trip to Europe!

  43. Trips where Gogo has come in handy for you in the past: Booking the remainder of your travel while already on the first flight is awesome.

  44. Used Gogo last weekend, bought an all day pass for SEA-MSP-BWI. Just wish it were more reliable at times it kept dropping out.

  45. My teenage daughter loves when I purchase a Gogo pass for her to keep in touch with friends while we are flying.

  46. We will be traveling to Cancun later this month during the work day and I would love to be able to get some additional work done before the margaritas start flowing!

  47. Gogo helped me out when I needed to book a car when my connecting flight to Newark was cancelled because of Katrina. I drove into the hurricane from Cleveland but couldn’t return the car for 5 days because Newark Airport was closed!

  48. Flying to Los Angeles next month to take in Disneyland’s 60th anniversary. I never dreamed I would be able to get there so easily and fly for free with points when I was a kid!

  49. I like Gogo because I can keep in touch via e-mail on a multi-hour flight and not have to scramble to catch up upon arrival.

  50. have used Gogo on previous flights to stay in touch with family, and to check company emails. Nice to not have hundreds of emails hit the inbox all at once upon landing

  51. I did use Gogo on a recent trip when I had forgotten a flight hold was about to expire! Thank goodness I could book the flight 5 minutes before that hold expired!

  52. I used to do a lot of short hops ORD-MHK on AA. Occasionally, I’d fly MHK-DFW-ORD on the way back due to timing of flights. The biggest benefit was that I got GoGo on the DFW-ORD segments and was much more productive than usual.

  53. I have to fly LAX-JFK next month on UA. Got myself on a p.s. flight where GoGo will be very nice for the TCON!

  54. Where isn’t Gogo useful? It would be great to finally catch up with friends on social media during my trip to Copenhagen next month.

  55. Trips where Gogo has come in handy for you in the past:

    JAX-ORD-LAX – service was spotty but I could see the potential benefit & got a few important things done

  56. I travel a ton for pleasure but can offset how much vacation time I declare by working during the travel portion of the trip. I have never exercised this option fully. These Gogo passes would be a boon to me taking the plunge. I’d simply love to win. Thanks.

  57. I have a trip next week to Spain and a lot going on at work. It would be nice to try out GOGO for my flight home so that I am not so far behind when I return to the office.

  58. I will use it on a trip to San Francisco (but would really like it on Delta flights to Japan, which they don’t have yet.)

  59. Gogo came in handy this summer when we were flying standby. The desitnation wasn’t selected until we knew we were on the flight. I could then real-time talk with my husband as he worked out our hotel and rental car reservations. When we arrived out west, everything was taken care of.

  60. Would love to use this on my upcoming London trip and also going to Texas and Montana before the end of the year. Thanks!

  61. One of the things I like using Gogo for is keeping in touch using BlackBerry Messenger while I’m up in the air. Great to chat at 40k feet!

  62. Hi Ed! Just wondering – have you announced a winner for this yet? I have not seen the results for the giveaway.

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