Amazon Prime One-Day Sale, Discounted To $67

For one day only, you can get Amazon Prime for $67 instead of the regular $99 per year.  They’re celebrating that they’re new show, Transparent, won 5 Emmy awards.

British Airways

I’ve never seen the show (my DVR is still hopelessly drowning in other series I haven’t caught up on yet), but if they’re happy about their performance enough to discount Prime, you should definitely give this some thought.

You get free 2-day shipping on virtually anything you can think of and free unlimited streaming of videos and music from their Amazon Prime catalog.

And, they announced one of my favorite new benefits just a few weeks ago.  They’ve started to allow you to download content from their collection for viewing offline.  This is great for someone like me who travels a lot.  I can’t stream on airplanes, I’m rarely caught up on shows when I’m at home and hotels generally don’t have good enough wi-fi to support streaming (nor am I usually awake long enough when I finally get to my hotel to watch an entire TV show).

If you haven’t taken the plunge, today’s a good day to do so.  It would be awful hard not to get $67 in value out of one year of Prime.

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