Always A Day To Remember

Quite randomly, today is the 3rd year in a row that I’ll be flying on 9/11.  It’s just the way it’s worked out the last 3 years with my work schedule.  It’s typically a day of heightened awareness by security folks at the airport, but it’s also a good day to have heightened awareness of the people who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I’m sitting here at the House of Miles spending the morning learning about all the technical aspects of blogging that I’m ignorant on.  We took a break for lunch at Five Guys and Randy came up with a great idea on the spot.

He saw a member of the military in uniform enjoying a burger.  He bought a gift card and asked the manager to deliver it to the gentleman in uniform “Secret Santa” style.

It will always be a day to remember for me. The pit in my stomach doesn’t get any smaller. In a way, I don’t regard that as a bag thing. Too often we forget the sacrifices military, police and fire make on our behalf.

Today, let’s remember.

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  1. When ever I see any military in the airport I make an effort to walk over and thank them for their service. If they happen to be in line for a coffee or food I will wait until they get to the register and pay for whatever they are purchasing. It is the least we can do for all they do for us.

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