Join The Mile High Club! Tinder For Frequent Travelers

Yes, this really exists.  Just watch the video:

And, as the home page of their website announces:

Mile High Club


Now, I’ve never actually interacted with Tinder.  I’ve been married for longer than it’s been around (I think). And, I didn’t qualify for the free Ashley Madison scumbag bucks.

But, Lounger is a real thing.  As described by their founder, Jessika (one name, one name only):

Lounger CEO Jessika: ”Lounger hooks up frequent flyers with lounge access and normal airport travelers and increases socializing and optimizes the airport experience for everyone. I’ve a star alliance gold card and often travel alone so I’d love letting someone in. Whenever I’m traveling economy on another network I always wish I had the guts to chat someone up in front of the lounge to get in, with the app, that won’t be awkward.”

I’m mostly Facebook illiterate, so I didn’t connect to Lounger using Facebook.  Okay, there may have been other reasons, but that’s the one I’m going with.  However, I do have a problem with their definition of the mile-high club:

Lounger is like Tinder for frequent travelers. It is also the best way to socialize, hook up or just be kind to strangers at airports.
This new service makes the dream of Mile-high-membership possible – even before take-off
  • Most business travellers travel alone and don’t utilize the companion pass they have for lounges.
  • So many travelers spend hours airside, are bored, need to spend a lot of money on expensive drinks and food. Transiting can be stressful, lonely and expensive. It needn’t be.
  • Lounger is an app that lets you meet and mingle or just do a favour to other passengers.
  • Through lounger, you can gain access to lounges worldwide or give someone you meet through the app the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of premium transiting. Once the frequent flyer has allowed his/her new companion into the lounge it’s up to them whether they would just like to have a chat, show some courtesy to a stranger or join the legendary mile high club before takeoff.

It’s the Mile High Club.  Though I’m not a member, I don’t actually think you can claim membership in the club while on the ground.  But, I digress.

There are so many people trying to create solutions for problems that exist when people travel.  It would seem Lounger attempts to do the same.  Someone, please connect to this on Facebook and provide feedback.  Pizza In Motion readers are waiting….


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