What’s On My iPad, June 2015

I’m always curious what other people are using their tablets and smartphones for.  I’m an iPhone and iPad guy, so I periodically share new things I’m using to encourage you guys to share with me.  Here’s a handful of things I’m using recently:

The new Milepoint app.  If you’re looking for relevant travel advice on any topic under the sun, download this app!  It’s better than our previous version that fell over, and we’ve got a better version than this in the hopper.


Milepoint iPhone App

Outlook for iOS app(not to be confused with OWA).  I’ve been an Outlook power user for almost two decades, but they’ve never had a workable app for my iPad or iPhone.  Until about two months ago.  I’m loving it!

Newsblur.  I use it to keep up on all the blogs I read.  It’s how I start putting together my Best of the Rest posts on a daily basis.


Newsblur App

Trivia Crack.  Somewhat addictive, easy to play trivia game I’m playing on my iPhone.  Let me know if you want to challenge me for a game.

Hulu Plus, but not for long.  I tried it about a week ago so my daughter could watch some of the old Survivor seasons (and my wife and I could re-watch with her).  But, since they show way too many commercials for my taste, I’ll be dumping it and watching future episodes on Amazon Prime or giving CBS All Access a try.  But, I’m certainly not going to pay to watch commercials.  At least I can fast forward from my DVR or purchase them elsewhere for no commercials.

OverDrive.  This is a free app that lets you check out e-books for free.  You’ll need to have your library card number when you set the app up, but then you can read tons of books for free, including lots of new releases.  There’s plenty of books I want to read that I don’t need to buy, and this means I don’t have to pay anything for them.

Recently, I’ve read a bunch of Jeffrey Archer books (Clifton Chronicles), re-reading old Tom Clancy books, as well as a really interesting book on the Lusitania.  Those book links are Amazon referral links if you happen to want to buy one of them (for which I’ll earn a small referral credit).  But, if you’ve got a library card and enjoy reading e-books, all are free.  You can read them in their proprietary browser, but I prefer the Kindle app.

I also have Gone, Gone, Gone (by Phillip Phillips) and Lie a Little Better (Lucy Hale) for new(ish) music per my daughter’s requests.


OverDrive App

I also have two Facebook apps on my iPhone because they split messages off into a separate app.  I already hated Facebook.  I’m not sure I hate it twice as much now, but it’s definitely more than before.

So, what are you using on your iPhone/iPad, Android device, blueberry, cranberry?

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  1. Kindle app, most recently having read Jason Matthew’s two spy novels, Red Sparrow and the sequel.

    Been playing a deceivingly simple but addictive game, “Card Crawl”.

    Instead of Outlook for iOS, I use “OWA” for iOS (Outlook Web Access). I find it slightly better at handling attachments and full O365 integration (like Lync/Skype for Business).

    1. I’ll have to go download Card Crawl. I don’t use 0365, and preferred the look and feel of Outlook to OWA.

  2. Kindle app, check out the book “jet set” if you have read it.
    My radar for phone And iPad.
    Flight aware
    Bunch of cloud storage apps
    Amazon music
    Bunch of airline and hotel apps of course.
    Google voice app

    1. Dan, thanks for the list. Of course, Jet Set isn’t on overdrive. 🙂
      But, I’ve added it to my reading list for e-books I need to buy. Thanks!

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