Have Chase Ink? Earn Points For Referring Friends

If you have the Chase Ink Plus or Ink Bold card, you might be in luck.  There appear to be multiple offers for existing cardmembers to refer people for bonus points.

First, a friend of mine informed me he had received an e-mail offering him up to 50,000 bonus points (10,000 per person he referred).

Then, I happened on this post from Points with a Crew that details a page you can check to see if you’re eligible for the referral bonus.

It’s a good time for Chase to offer the referral, since the sign-up bonus is now temporarily increased to 70,000 points, the highest I can recall seeing.  It’s a card I carry in my wallet for the category bonuses (5X on office supplies, cell phone bills and cable bills) and for the awesome flexibility of Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

Here’s the link if you want to check on your own whether you’re eligible to refer people.

It’s worth noting that you can apply directly yourself without being referred.  Here’s the general sign-up page.

Like Dan (from Points with a Crew), I’m not shilling for referrals.  But, if you’re thinking of applying I’d never look a gift horse in the mouth.  Just leave a comment and I’ll reach out to get you referred.




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  1. Me Me Me!!! I need a card 🙂

    Thanks for the link back.

    The other good reason not to publically post your link is that you only get credit for the first 5 referrals. Chase gets referrals 6 – infinity for free 😉

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