One Of My Restaurant Nightmares: Unlimited Olive Garden

Thanks to Neil for passing along this story earlier today.

Olive Garden sold $100 passes today that entitles the buyer to unlimited pasta, salad, bread sticks and soda for a 7-week period.  They sold out in under 2 hours after their website initially crashed from the load.

Restaurant Nightmares

Now, I don’t have anything against chain food.  Red Lobster, the original reason the Olive Garden discussion came up with my friend Neil, is something of a regular stop for us a coupe times a year.  Our daughter tried crab for the first time at a favorite restaurant of ours in New York, City Crab.  And, she liked it!

As parents, we wanted to continue to foster a love of seafood, but living in Northern Virginia and having a 3-year old can make that tough.  We have good seafood from the grocery store (and, occasionally Costco), but not much in the way of seafood restaurants that also cater to a 3-year old.

Just my two cents, and I’m sure I’ll get shouted down by all sorts of folks, but I don’t feel the same way about Olive Garden.  Red Lobster is reasonably priced seafood, which I find harder to mess up given more simple preparations. And, the biscuits are pretty darn tasty.

However, bad marinara is, well, something of a crime in my family. So is bad bread.

But, you can get as much of both as you’d like for almost 2 months for $100.  Or, if you missed the sale, just hit eBay.

Mile Junkie Inside Joke:  Insert affiliate link for Chase Ink Bold and 5X points on Olive Garden gift cards at office supply stores.




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  1. But you’re Italian, so you’re naturally more picky than me about Italian food. There’s an Olive Garden only a few blocks from my home, the staff there is really good, and I do like several of their entrees and bread. Not shouting you down at all, but if I saw a similar offer, I might go for it, especially with that 5x on the Ink.

    1. Well said, Dave. Where do you live? I might need to have a quick contest and fly to one reader’s home city and buy them good Italian food. 😛

  2. A shortage of seafood restaurants?!!? Its not like you live in the Midwest! You are not THAT far from the ocean! There are tons of options within a 60 minute drive from you. Make the trip up to the Baltimore area and visit any crab house!

    1. J, Baltimore is about an hour away and that’s not a “forever” distance. But, it’s also not a distance our 3-year old takes lightly, so I can’t say we would go every weekend.

  3. Went there once…my wife asked for her pasta “al dente”. The waitress said “What’s that?” She had absolutely no clue!

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