Finally A Dining Promo Worth Considering

I’m running behind on reporting this but American Airlines has announced a promo worth considering for their dining reward program.

dining rewards

The dining reward networks that the airlines (and a few hotels) have partnered with over the years used to be a great way to earn miles and points.  But, as time has gone on the promos have gotten less lucrative and I’ve largely stopped paying attention.  This promo has possibilities.  You can’t just go in and buy a soda at 10 different restaurants like in the old days, so these are 10 legitimate meals (minimum spend of $40 per meal).

And, the time period is through the middle of August, so you’d need to average almost 2 meals out at a Rewards Network restaurant every week.  This isn’t worth doing if you weren’t already planning on dining out.  If you spent exactly $40 on 10 meals to earn the 10,000 miles, you’d spend about 4 cents a mile which really isn’t great.  But, if you can legitimately build a couple restaurants into your weekly lunch rotation it’s certainly achievable.

I expected that other Rewards Network partners would offer the same promo and as I’m writing this I see Points, Miles & Martinis has info on United and Hilton with the same offer.  Mommy Points wasn’t quite as lucky, qualifying for a 5,000 mile offer for United MileagePlus.

At any rate, it’s worth logging in (or signing up) to see what offers you qualify for and if you can finagle 10 dining opportunities in the next 45 days.  Good luck!


  1. Dining twice a week could be a lot but you can buy gift cards and use them for the future when ever its convenient.

    1. Good point, caveman. If you can find restaurants that you like on the list and buy gift cards for future visits, that makes the promo much more achievable.

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