Daily Getaways Breakdown For Wednesday, June 11th: Discounted Universal Studios Tickets

Today’s Daily Getaway offer is a 4-pack of Universal Studios Hollywood 2-day park tickets for $302 when you pay with an American Express card.

In case you’re not familiar, Daily Getaways are daily deals sponsored by the US Travel Association.  Some are better than others, so you need to think about whether you can take full advantage of the offer before buying.

For the more popular offers, they will sell out quickly, which means being around right when they go on sale each day at 1:00 pm EDT.  Some offers will sell out in hours, some in minutes.  It’s also important to be patient.  If you click shortly after an offer becomes available and it shows sold out, keep trying.  Someone may have an offer in their shopping cart but change their mind or have their computer crash.  When that happens, their bad luck or change of heart can be your good fortune.

Finally, make sure you pay with an American Express card to save an additional 10%.  Any AMEX card will do.

Feel free to e-mail me or post questions in the comments section.  Good luck chasing the deals you’re looking for!

4 pack of 2-day tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood for $302.

This one is straight forward, and different from the individual tickets they sold last year.  The normal price for a 2-day ticket online is $109 for adults and $101 for kids.  So, this deal is a $100+ savings for your family of 4 if you’re planning a trip.

IMPORTANT:  These tickets appear to only be for the Hollywood, CA location, not Orlando.

This offer does not include front of the line pass, these are general admission tickets.

There are only 94 packages available.  That’s not quite as low as it seems, since you’re buying 45 tickets in one package.  But, if you think you might want to take advantage of this offer, you best be ready to buy at 1pm EDT.

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