A New Twist On An Old Promo; US Airways Miles For 1.8 Cents A Piece

But you need a US Airways credit card to take advantage of the deal.

Due to an upcoming trip that I know I can get more than 1.8 cents per mile value out of, I’m openly contemplating this opportunity for the first time ever.  I’ve also redeemed a big chunk of AAdvantage miles over the past couple months.

It’s not hard to find trips where you can get more than 1.8 cents per mile value on AAdvantage premium seats.  But I still don’t recommend buying these miles speculatively as you’re still tying up cash.  If you know you have a purpose I’d give this consideration since I don’t think the new American will continue to sell miles this cheaply forever.

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    1. John, actually no. The mileage purchases are processed by Points.com and generally don’t earn double miles. 🙁

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