$25 Statement Credit From American Express When You Spend $75 At Amazon

American Express and Amazon are teaming up to give AMEX cardholders an early Christmas present (or, insert name of your preferred holiday here).  Spend $75 at Amazon on your synced AMEX card and you’ll receive a $25 statement credit.

You need to sync an AMEX card with Twitter before you register for the offer.  I just did it, took all of about 30 seconds.  Then, another 30 seconds to send out the Tweet to #AmexAmazon and receive a reply, and I’m all set!

The only particularly relevant terms are that you need to sync your AMEX card with Twitter and spend $75 cumulatively between now and December 31, 2013 (you can accrue the $75 in multiple purchases).

Thanks to View From The Wing and Frugal Travel Lawyer for noting this.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have seen these sync promos for quite a while but never messed with it as I’m not much of a social media guy. But seeing as how we needed to buy a bunch of baby stuff for our upcoming trip to Thailand, I signed up, did the sync and am hopefully going to get the credit. Thanks for your time posting this!

    1. Lanny, thanks for the comment! I already registered and I’m waiting for my $25 credit too. I think we should be okay. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff babies need? 🙂

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