A Bridge To Cheaper Flights In Mexico?

Clearing customs is a fairly standard part of entering Mexico, whether for business or pleasure.  But, in most cases, it’s usually after you get to your destination.

If a group of investors have their way, you’ll be able to walk across a bridge from San Diego to Tijuana and board a flight at Tijuana airport to any of the destinations served by the carriers there.

Now, there’s no guarantees these investors succeed.  Consider that Sam Zell, part of the group, while largely successful over the years is just a few years removed from driving the final stake in the Tribune Company and pissing off a whole bunch of Cubs fans who certainly weren’t sad to see him go.  But, this might actually be a good idea, considering that San Diego airport isn’t really ripe for expansion.

This has certainly been contemplated for quite some time, but now it seems like a reality.  The scope of the project is complex, and yet tantalizingly simple for folks in the San Diego airport.  There will be a parking garage and a facility on the US side of the border right near Tijuana airport.  Once you park, you’ll lug your bag across the 300-foot bridge, clear Mexican customs and be allowed to board a flight to a slew of destinations in Mexico and beyond.  The most common destination is Mexico City, but between AeroMexico and Volaris they cover a bunch of resort destinations like Cancun.  And, the theory is that flying from Tijuana is quite a bit cheaper than trying to get to a vacation spot in Mexico for Southern California.

Chances are that the increase in demand will likely lead to an increase in price, though it still will likely be cheaper than flying out of the US.  It’s an interesting tidbit and one I’ll likely want to cross off my travel bucket list at some point.

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