Hilton’s Spring Promo More Rewarding For Weekends

Hilton has released news of their spring promotion that starts April 1st.

It’s pretty straightforward.  Sign up, and you’ll earn 1,000 bonus points for each weekday night and 2,000 points for each weekend night you stay during the promotion period, which runs through June 30th.  There is no limit on earnings.

Spring Promo


One of the initial “pluses” I see over Hilton’s 1st quarter promotion is that there are no excluded properties this time around.  The 1st quarter promotion had a looong list of properties who were not participating.

But, it doesn’t really look better.  Hilton HHonors members generally earn 10 base points per dollar spent.  With the double points promo in Q1, that meant any week night rate over $100 would earn more than the 1,000 bonus points promised during the Q2 promo.  The Q2 promo is likely to be more rewarding for weekends, since you’d generally need to be spending over $200 a night to earn more than 2,000 points on the Q1 double points promo.

The Q2 promo doesn’t specifically offer bonus miles so there’s no direct comparison there.

Overall, not much to love here unless you specifically plan to be staying at Hilton properties during the promo period.  As always, it makes sense to register anyways, since it’s free.

And, the rest of the chains haven’t announced their spring promos, with the exception of Hyatt (discussed here) who generally runs less total promos per year than the other major chains.  It remains to be seen how Hilton will stack up against the other chains with this promo, but I suspect all of the promos will be a bit less rewarding in Q2, generally a time when hotels find it a bit easier to fill beds.


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