Boeing Announces 787 Will Have Enhanced Customer Communication Options (Cell Phone Use) Next Year

I’m definitely one of those people that does not want the person next to me on a phone call during a long flight.  Now, maybe it would be less annoying on the quieter 787, but I still don’t think I’d enjoy it.

Boeing is saying it will have the ability to handle cell phone calls from the air on it’s 787 and 747-8i next year.  As the article mentions, this doesn’t mean the FAA will allow it, though they are creeping closer to allowing more options in the air.

I enjoyed my voyage on the inaugural BOS-NRT 787 flight earlier this year, and the plane is noticeably quieter than every other plane with the exception of the A380 (they’re about the same from my experience), so people might not feel like they have to yell during a phone conversation.  But, I really do dread people being able to talk on the phone next to me in flight.


  1. I DEFINITELY agree with you on this, Bro’! Last thing I want is some obnoxious Mr. Bigshot yapping away at 85 decibels during a transcon flight. Have to start carrying earplugs if/when this is ever allowed.

    1. The thing is, though I *HOPE* they won’t approve it, I know ultimately in the “need it now” society we live in, there will be enough pressure from people that this is bound to be a reality at some point.

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