Am I Crazy?

Okay, probably too general of a question.  I guess it’s a matter of whether you think I got good value for my Starpoints on a recent transaction.  If you’re not a sports fan, the answer is probably no.  🙂

Anyway, SPG has had this thing for a while now called SPG Moments. Essentially, you redeem your points auction-style for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  When they first announced it (I can’t recall when) I had very little interest.  Like most things in life, I guess it takes something that interests you to get your attention.

Rewind to what I consider the heyday for tennis during my life.  The best days of Connors and McEnroe were a bit before I got into tennis, but I still remember some great highlights there.  What I remember from my early interest is Pete Sampras crushing the competition.  And then, Andre Agassi started to get better.  And better.  I became a huge Agassi fan, and still am to this day.

Fast forward to a recent auction.  Essentially, the winner got a one-hour semi-private tennis clinic with Andre (total of ten winners).  Each winner got to bring a spectator.  After the clinic there are photos and autographs with Andre.  Then, you get to sit in the SPG suite and watch the Men’s semifinal matches at the US Open.

So, what’s that worth to you?  Well, to me, it was worth 133,600 Starpoints.  If I’m putting my money where my mouth is, that’s about $2600 (2 cents a point).

Is that crazy?

I don’t think it is.  A big part of the reason why I don’t is because I use almost every opportunity to accrue points and miles.  Most of my fellow “miles junkies” like to “earn and burn”.  I don’t generally subscribe to that theory, though I support all those who do.  I’d generally like to have a pile of points for anything big that came up or a change in my travel patterns.  My wife is probably sick of me always reminding her to use a shopping portal, or the revolving door of credit cards in her wallet.

But, she probably won’t be sick of it anymore.  She’s had a pretty good track run of fun trips in comfy seats and great hotels.  But, her eyes lit up when I told her that she would be the one taking the lesson with Andre and I would be the spectator.  If I ever believed I spent too much time stockpiling miles and points, the light in her eyes ended that thought.

Curious to hear people’s thoughts.  Based on the price of tickets on Stubhub (cheapest seat right now is $180, going up to over $6K) for the Men’s semifinal, I feel like this was a pretty good deal.  But, some may still think me crazy (or, at least a new reason to think I’m crazy).


  1. Totally agree with you, Ed. You’re not crazy at all. I actually just redeemed star points for my first SPG Moments too (albeit far fewer points- 10,000).

        1. Oh, that seems totally worth it. One ticket or two? I don’t know how popular Ben Folds Five is now, was a fan back in the day before they changed their name to Ben Folds (and, I guess, back to Ben Folds Five), but this has to be a pretty good value since I assume it’s a semi-private show.

      1. 2 tickets. Wife and I were also fans back in college, too. I have no idea how long the “show” will be… could only be a few songs, but still… worth it for a night out in the city with the wife 🙂

        1. I think you ended up with a pretty damn good deal yourself. Go grab a nice dinner somewhere to go with the concert and a great room somewhere in the city. Should be a great night!

  2. You lit up your loved one’s eyes. Priceless. If there’s a better use for points – or plain ol’ cash, for that matter – I’m not sure what it would be!

  3. No worries if my husband is crazy or not. He’ll be well rewarded for his thoughtfulness. Wait until he sees my eyes light up when I get a romantic night without the kids in NY. Now, that’s priceless! 🙂

  4. If there was one important thing I learned at this past year’s FTU from many of the speakers is that we collect miles and points for experiences and to create unforgettable memories. I think this was a great way to use your points!

  5. Actually Bjorn Borg was the greatest, not Connors or McEnroe, i watched him live a couple of times when i was a teenager, he retired at a very young age. I met him in person on my last trip to Stockholm, a very nice and humble person.

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