More Good News For Boeing

Boeing or Airbus?  Well, maybe it’s because Boeing is an American company, but I like to think it’s because they build better planes.  And, there’s a reason some call the other guys “Scarebus”.

Anyway, Boeing and Airbus always try to make annoucements around the time of the Farnborough Air Show, and this year is no exception.

Boeing announced an order of 75 planes (the new 737 MAX) from Air Lease, a smaller leasing company started by one of the titans of airplane leasing, Steven Udvar-Hazy.  There are rumors GE will be announcing an order for their leasing arm at the air show as well.

These orders likely put Boeing past Airbus in terms of total orders this year, which is significant since Boeing generally makes more money per plane than Airbus.  And, well, I’m a Boeing shareholder.  🙂

United is supposed to be announcing a fairly big order (rumored to be 100 firm and 100 options) of 737 MAX planes very soon as well.

Update:  Looks like Wandering Aramean has a link to a Bloomberg report on the United Boeing order.

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