787 Dreamliner Inaugural Flight BOS-NRT Gift Bag

Now that I’m back at home, I’ve got a couple more posts on the 787 trip before I do a quick summary of my 30-ish hours in Tokyo.  If you’re just tuning in, here’s a list of the previous Dreamliner posts to catch up:

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787 Dreamliner Inaugural Flight BOS-NRT Gift Bag

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While boarding the flight, each passenger was given a gift bag.  I hadn’t had time to open mine until my return, and now I’ve got pics of each of the items.

Starting with the simple stuff, a pack of origami paper.

Dreamliner Inaugural Flight

Next, a BOS luggage tag.  As a diehard Yankees fan, this one will hit the trash pretty quickly.

Dreamliner Inaugural Flight

A commemorative card to attach your boarding pass to. It’s nice, but not the type of thing I’m going to frame on my wall.  I’ll probably hold onto the boarding pass in case my wife (who has a lot more design smarts than me) comes up with something cool to do with it for my office wall.

Dreamliner Inaugural Flight

A commemorative paperweight, apparently made out of the same material used to make airplane windows.

Dreamliner Inaugural FlightDreamliner Inaugural Flight

A logged glass cleaning cloth.  I could see this staying tucked in my backpack.

Dreamliner Inaugural Flight

A Boeing 747 engine compressor blade that got turned into keychains.

Dreamliner Inaugural Flight

Dreamliner Inaugural Flight

A wooden box with the JAL, oneworld and AA logos along with a commemorative message.  I put it on top of my iPad for size perspective.  Not sure what this is supposed to be used for.  Only thing I can come up with is paper clips?

Dreamliner Inaugural Flight

And, lastly, a japanese fan commemorating the trip.  My daughter immediately designated this her favorite item.

Dreamliner Inaugural Flight


      1. That’s a masu, a traditional way to drink sake, typically during celebrations or festivals. Not only is it meant to hold sake, but it’s intended to be filled to the absolute brim (in ancient times it was a measuring cup) before serving!

        1. Yes, others have pointed out my ignorance on this. 🙂

          That being said, it didn’t do a great job holding water. I think they may not have sealed it very well.

  1. I just double checked my gift bag, I didn’t get a compressor blade! It must have been for first class only. But I suppose that’s ok… It does not say 787 on it 🙂

    1. They weren’t actually in the bag, now that you mention it. They were handing them out as I exited the plane. So, not sure if it was a business class thing or not.

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