More MegaDO Wrap-Up: A $50K Check To Komen

I blogged earlier on the check presentations for oneworld MegaDO.

And now, we’ve got a short video featuring Suzanne Rubin from AAdvantage and Randy Petersen from

It’s the single biggest amount of money going to one charity as a result of MegaDO fundraising.  And, it also is a record for the most fundraising for an entire MegaDO.  The $70K we raised for charity over the course of that week is a record we hope to shatter with the next event.  It’s a tall order.

I’m profoundly thankful to all the people at AA that helped make the event a success, and equally thankful to all the MegaDOers that gave so generously.

And, after a crazy work and travel week, I’ve got some blogging to catch up on!

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