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I rarely send complaint e-mails to the airlines.  I guess I’ve just amortized in some level of bad service (kind of like expecting McDonald’s to get your order right 70% of the time).

For some reason, the blanket thing struck me as extremely cheap, so I shot United a note about their decision to pull blankets from the F cabin and ration them.  They sent me a reply yesterday, which said in part:

I am sorry to hear that we have not been providing enough blankets in
First Class.  We did limit blankets in Economy and no longer offer them
for every passenger however First Class service should not have changed.
Your comments have been given to our cabin provisioning management to
help us evaluate our decisions that impact your travel experience.

There was a travel credit as well.  It still feels like there was a policy change here, limiting the blanket usage by keeping them in one of the closets instead of laying them on all the seats.  And, in the grand scheme of things, this probably isn’t a huge deal.  I do enjoy throwing a blanket on and taking a nap when I get on a plane.  But, I’m a big boy and I’ll deal without if the current service level continues.

But, in the end, it’s just another reason for me to fly AA.

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