Giving The Blog Another Try

It’s been a bit over a year, and I think I’m ready to give the blog another try.  I feel like there are enough interesting things I can write about to keep things lively.  It won’t all be on one subject, so as always, you’ll need to pick and choose what interests you.

After a year of silence, I feel like I owed at least something of an explanation for why I stopped writing.  It wasn’t just boredom, or lack of time in the day.  I’m a diehard Yankees fan.  Always have been.  When I wrote my last post, the Yankees were getting ready to enter a challenging playoff series against the Texas Rangers.

I set about to write a post about my beloved Yankees.  It should have taken me a matter of minutes as one of my favorite subjects.  But it took me forever.  The words just didn’t come freely.

We had lost my aunt to cancer just days before, and the pain amongst our family was unbearable.  I thought getting back to writing would be cathartic.  I was wrong.  So many things in the world seemed more important at that moment than the Yankees.  Like hugging my daughter, my father, my wife, my uncle, my cousins.

A year later, the pain is still there.  But, we’re raising more money to fight cancer, and that’s a good thing.  I’m sure you’ll see that message here from time-to-time, and I hope you’ll do your part to help.

For now, I hope you enjoy the writing.


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My goal in life is to fill my family’s passports with stamps, creating buckets of memories along the way. You’ll find me writing about realistic ways for normal people to travel the world, whether you’re on a budget or enjoy luxury. I also enjoy taking us on the occasional detour to explore the inner workings of the travel industry.

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  1. Looking forward to your blog posts again! You’re among the very few people I actually follow in the blog-o-sphere.
    I know you’ve had some good times and some bad times in 2011. Here’s hoping we all have nothing but good times in the years ahead.

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