Jay Mariotti Is An Idiot

No real shock here.  Thanks to a family member for pointing out a post Jay made on his blog about Lance Armstrong.  Jay basically spent 15 paragraphs or so trashing Armstrong on multiple fronts.

Mariotti decided to beat the over-beaten “Lance must have taken PEDs” drum.  But, after doing so, he decided to throw in some stuff about Lance being washed up, and how he can’t fathom why he would continue to ride in the Tour de France.

This should come as no surprise from Jay.  Many years after getting his head beat in by the announcer for the Chicago White Sox, and having Ozzie Guillen call him a fag, Jay decided to make another bold statement about how far he can project his head into his rectal cavity.

After signing a contract with the Chicago Sun-Times before the Beijing Olympics, he proceeded to take their money for an Olympic boondoggle.  He returned, having an epiphany that he shouldn’t write for a newspaper anymore, and quit without notice.  Hey, Sun executives, so long, and thanks for the free trip!  Screw you on my next column.

For a guy that’s never really finished anything he started, no shock he thinks Lance should walk away.  After all, why should Lance try to add to the $250 million (yes, Jay, that’s a quarter BILLION dollars) for cancer research?

He could just bloviate about other people, like you do, and tuck his hands in his pocket when it comes time to help others.


Way to go, Jay.  You’re a role model to millions.

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