Brothers & Sisters: A Week Late On This Post

Spoiler alert.  While I’m probably the last person to watch the season finale of Brothers & Sisters, if you follow the show AND haven’t watched the season finale, I’m about to ruin it for you.

About a week ago, as my wife and I were getting caught up on Brothers & Sisters, I realized how much I enjoy watching Rob Lowe.  He was one of my favorite characters on West Wing, and he’s grown into such a great character on Brothers & Sisters.

It always seems like Brothers & Sisters has another dilemna around the corner.  In the second-to-last episode of the season, the family has to close down Ojai foods.  But, as we close the season finale, the family discovers a gigantic aquifer in some land they own.  Hurrah!

Er, um, no.  The season ends with a car crash involving two carfuls of Walkers.  In the span of the final 90 seconds, we find out Saul is HIV-positive, and Robert McCalister (Rob Lowe) dies.


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