Bud Selig Is An Idiot

Really, no other title for this post.

Background.  Armando Galarraga was a relatively unknown pitcher for the Detroit Tigers.  Until he pitched a perfect game that wasn’t.  Armando retired the first 26 batters he faced.  Then, to get the last out of the game, he made the play at first.  And, the ump screwed the call.  No perfect game.  After the game, the ump, James Joyce, admitted he screwed the biggest call of his life.  In baseball, where umps believe the game is about them, this was a monumental admission.

Enter Bud Selig, the commissioner of baseball. I’ve never been a Bud fan (can you really trust a guy named after beer?).  He’s done some monumentally stupid things over the years (see Head in Sand About Steroids, and Let’s Let the All-Star Game End in a Tie, with follow-up material on Case Study to Start All World Series Games At Midnight So As to Reduce the Fan Base to a More Manageable Number), but this one takes the cake. With everyone clamoring for Bud to change the outcome and award a perfect game to Armando, he refused.  While I disagree, it’s his prerogative to do so.  And, if the story had ended there, I probably don’t write about it.  Then, Bud says this:

“But Selig also told reporters that he does not see a groundswell of support in baseball circles for greater use of instant replay. While he will continue to hold discussions with his special committee for on-field matters, he expressed doubt that expanded use of replay will take place during the 2010 season.

“It is interesting,” Selig said. “Most baseball people are really against instant replay. There’s no question about that. I could sense that the last three days [in talking to people].”

Uhhhhhhh.  I truly have no idea who Bud was talking to.  Maybe 3 guys he hired to say yes.  Maybe the guy in the mirror when he takes his dusty old baseball bat in his hands to make such decisions.  But, nobody else with a brain who’s been quoted about the incident.  Bud, why can’t you just keep your mouth shut?  I was fine with you making whatever decision you wanted, using the feeble mind that has destroyed baseball as the national past time.  Baseball, after all, can survive even 18 years of Bud.  You love it or hate it.  I’ve grown to love the intricacies of the sport over the years, and accept the moron running MLB.

There are a LOT of people in favor of more replay. A lot more have jumped on the bandwagon after this incident.  But, those people aren’t on Bud’s “special committee”.  Bud, what did you name the four fingers and thumb that you nominated to your committee?

I do need to give Bud a little credit.  At the end of the most recent interview, he actually told the truth:

“In the end, good or bad, I will do what I think is right. I’m going to take the responsibility for it. I’ve been at this the last 45 years of my life, and the last 18 [as commissioner], so I’ll trust my own judgment.”

Yup.  Nobody else in that room with you, Bud.  I still don’t care, but I’d prefer you tell us the truth, and just admit you consulted the dandruff in your 50-year gel-hardened hair style, as opposed to anyone who would disagree with you.

In the end, let’s congratulate Armando, and commend James Joyce for admitting his mistake.  Joyce deserves a free pass on this, as humans make mistakes.

Can someone help me off this soapbox?

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