Livestrong: Join the Fight Against Cancer

Cancer claimed too many friends and family last year.  While we’ve always been Lance Armstrong (and Livestrong) supporters, last year’s events caused Michelle and I to take a renewed interest in fundraising for Livestrong.  We raised over $1,000 last year from friends and family, along with matching donations from us.

But, it’s not enough.  A new year finds my Aunt Toni in yet another battle against cancer.  She’s been down this road before, and she’s prepared for another fight.  People like my Aunt continue to inspire me.  Livestrong continues to inspire me.  We need to bring the fight to cancer, as opposed to the other way around.

The top fundraiser for Livestrong (Team Fatty) is dedicated to raising $1 million this year.  While I doubt we’ll get to that lofty goal, we are going to push for a much higher number than last year.

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