Things I Think I Know about the NCAA Tournament

I don’t pretend to have watched a lot of college basketball this year.  Very little, in fact.  This is still my favorite time of year from a sporting event standpoint, since I’ll watch games even if I have no strong rooting interest.  The basketball is usually phenomenal.  This is an off year for a lot of teams, so a lot harder to predict who will survive.  I decided to test my research abilities.  I’ve assembled a number of things I believe about NCAA tournament teams.  I’m posting them here so you can judge whether I made the right call.  In no particular order:

Tom Izzo is a heck of a coach.  Michigan State graduated some players, suspended another.  I think they win at least a couple of games.

Tennessee had wins against some really good teams this year, and lost to good teams.  I’m a Bruce Pearl fan.  He claims they were tired when they lost to Kentucky at the end of the season by 29.  I can’t really figure this team out.  I think they got a tough draw, having to play the likes of Georgetown and Ohio State if they advance.  This is a flashy pick for people who read they beat Kentucky AND Kansas this year.  I’m going to pick them based on that PLUS the fact that Bruce Pearl will have his team playing well after some rest.

Did Kansas State actually beat anyone this year?  Yes and no.  This team is still a mystery to me.  I’m going to predict they’re the first 2-seed to lose.

What type of team does Jamie Dixon have in Pittsburgh?  A bad one, and a somewhat tough draw.  WIth losses to Texas, Indiana and South Florida, I think they are the weakest 3 seed.  I’d say they’ll be first out, but since New Mexico will most likely have to play Marquette and West Virginia.

Everybody says Florida has big wins.  Big deal.  They lost to South Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi State.  Nothing to see here, move on.

Don’t be lulled into thinking Texas has a team, even if they beat Wake Forest.  They suck.

Cornell and Clemson are the real deal.  And, they got screwed.  Cornell is big, and they play great on the road.  But, they drew Temple in the first round.  Clemson gets the privilege of playing West Virginia in the second round.

I have no idea what to think of Notre Dame, Villanova or Xavier.

I hate Bobby Huggins.  He’s a criminal.  But, he apparently pays these players well enough, because they have a sick good team.

I’m backing Duke to win it all.

And, since that’s kind of a homer pick, I’ll give my backup choice as well as my sleeper.  Kentucky (with Huggins criminal twin brother Calipari leading them), and I’m going to split my sleeper vote between Tom Izzo and Bruce Pearl.

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