Grand Cayman, Part 2

We were only there for 5 days, but managed to get a good feel for the area.  It’s a quiet island, for the most part.  The Caymanians are quiet, comfortable people.

The most interesting excursion we enjoyed was Stingray City.  Stingray City is located off the Northern tip of the Western side of the island.  You need to take a boat or jetski to get there, for what’s labeled as “the most exciting ten-foot dive in the world”.

It’s believed that fisherman cleaned their catch here, tossing scraps overboard on the shallow sandbars.  Over time, the stingrays became extremely domesticated.  The Caymanians refer to them as “big, sloppy, puppy dogs”.  And, they are.  While it’s a little spooky to jump in the water at first, they are amazing creatures.  The snorkeling was some of the most incredible we’ve ever experienced as well.  The earlier pictures show you how much Michelle enjoyed it!

Here’s a couple of pics of the family.  More on our trip later.Grand CaymanGrand Cayman

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